Blood Tsunami

Please, tell us something about your band (history, members, recordings/releases, livegigs, label?

Blood Tsunami was formed in 2004. Since 2005 the line-up has been Pete – guitar/vox, Dor – guitar, Bosse- bass and growling vox and me, Faust on drums. We are about to release our second album, Grand Feast for Vultures, via Candlelight. We heve been touring with bands like Zyklon, Dead Beyond Buried, Evile and Satyricon as well as doing plenty of one off shows around.

How would you describe your position in the wide-world metal scene? What do you think about the underground movement?

The underground movement is the new mainstream. All hail the old days. Our position is for the time being ok I think. We`re not the biggest band around but we have gotten our name around and I feel that the right people like us.

Which 3 CDs would you take with you to a lonely island?

 Metallica: Ride the Lightning, Poison Idea: Feel the Darkness and Sepultura: Beneath the Remains. But then again, tomorrow this would change

If you had enough money to shoot a video, how would the clip look like?

A mixture of Evil Dead 1, with Ilsa the SS she-devil being the romantic antihero trying to seduce us. Then Pinhead from Hellraiser would come, only to be accompanied by a overly rotten Frank Sinatra saving our asses, when all of a sudden Arnold Scwharsneger era Total Recall drops by and slay just about everyone. I reckon that would take quite some budget.

If you’ve the chance to change one day of your life. Which will it be and why?

The day I bought the Stryper debut because I thought the cover looked cool. And yes, I was extremely young so I will have to blame it on that.

Which song shall be played on your burial?

A medley of the best Necrosadistic Goattorture songs.

If you had the chance to kill someone and to bring back one person in the same way, which would it be and why?

– Owe Thönqvist, both kill and get him back, just for the joy of it.

What means metal to you?

 It`s my life and what I have established my life around. Simply.

What is your opinion on political lyrics?

 Might be good for bands who want to try change things and influence people positively but it has nothing to do with metal

What can we expect from your band in the future?

 A lot of gigs and a lot of fierce thrash metal to be made

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